How to Cure Leukemia Using the Cayce Approach



The following article is about leukemia / cancer and how to cure it based on the Cayce readings.


Please note that this article is informational. Do not use this article as a substitute for physician’s advice. The following information is not meant to substitute for physician advice. Always talk to a licensed physician about any health questions you have.


Leukemia, an often fatal cancer of the bone marrow and cancer of the blood, is usually marked by an abnormally high number of white blood cells (leukocytes). Symptoms of leukemia include excessive bleeding, frequent or easy bruising, pinprick bleeds, frequent infections, diarrhea, and pneumonia or other infections. Other symptoms include anemia, fevers, chills, night sweats, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, nausea, a feeling of fullness due to enlarged spleen or liver, unintentional weight loss, or headaches (if the leukemia cells invade the central nervous system).

There are different subtypes of leukemia. For instance, there is acute leukemia which is severe leukemia with rapid increase of immature blood cells. Acute leukemia is the most common form of leukemia found in children. There is chronic leukemia which is a slower progressing form of leukemia where it takes months or years for the abnormal cells to increase. Chronic leukemia occurs mostly in older people but can also occur in young people too. There are lymphocytic leukemias where the cancer occurs in cells that later become lymphocytes or immune system/infection fighting cells. There are also myelogenous leukemias where the cancer occurs in marrow cells which later become red blood cells. Of note, some people with leukemia do NOT have “visible” high white blood cell count because the cancerous leukemic cells are entrenched in the bone marrow and are not entering the bloodstream – this type of invisible high white blood cell count is called “aleukemia.” For individuals with aleukemia, medical tests may actually show the white blood cell count in the bloodstream as being normal or even low. Aleukemia can occur in any type of leukemia and is especially common in cases of hairy cell leukemia. Approximately 44,270 cases of leukemia were diagnosed in 2008 in the USA—90% of all leukemias are diagnosed in adults while the other 10% of leukemias are diagnosed in children (although among children with cancer, about one third of children with cancer have some form of leukemia). Much research is currently being done pertaining to leukemia in an attempt to better understand the causes and find a cure.


There are various causes of leukemia. For instance the following have all been noted as causes of leukemia in various cases: viruses, benzene, hair dyes, petrochemicals, alkylating chemotherapy agents, maternal-fetal transmission of the leukemia, genetics, somatic mutations in the DNA which activate oncogenes or deactivate tumor suppressor genes and disrupt the regulation of cell death or differentiation or division, exposure to radiation or carcinogens, and exposure to high levels of ELF magnetic fields. Also Down’s syndrome and Fanconi anemia puts people at higher risk of developing leukemia. Also tobacco use has been associated with higher risk of developing acute myeloid leukemia in adults.

Traditional medicine treatments for leukemia vary depending on the type of leukemia being treated. This is not an exhaustive discussion of it, however, in general, traditional treatments for leukemia include radiation therapy (CNS prophylaxis), chemotherapy and use of pharmaceuticals (i.e. prednisone, vincristine, or L-asparaginase, methotrexate and 6-mercaptopurine, and other pharmaceuticals), and bone marrow transplant (Wikipedia, 2009).


Edgar Cayce, widely noted as the father of holistic medicine, gave many readings pertaining to health and various other topics. In Cayce reading #2456 he gave a general statement of the mechanism of the leukemia process in which he described leukemia as occurring due a lack of iodine which causes glandular problems which lead to spleen infection which disrupts the anabolic-catabolic balance which leads to dryness of the lymph along the ribs and spine which then leads to problems in the bone marrow which results in problems with the production of red blood cells via the cerebrospinal centers (Pahnke, 1968).


Pertaining to the first step in the mechanism of leukemia, when Cayce said that lack of iodine causes glandular problems (see paragraph above), the reader might be wondering, “what glandular problems is Cayce referring to?” And exactly “how does lack of iodine cause the glandular problems that are involved in leukemia?”

Pertaining to the question of which glandular problems Cayce was referring to when he discussed the cause of leukemia, it appears that the glandular problems that Cayce was referring to had to do with the glandular problems that can potentially occur inside of the bones of the human body. I assert this because 1) leukemia originates in the bone marrow which is inside of the bones of the body, and 2) the bones actually behave like a gland (Karsenty, Marks, et. al, 2007). So, it is in fact possible to have a scenario where there are problems with the bones’ glandular functioning. Granted, during Cayce’s lifetime (1877-1945) and for many years after Cayce’s lifetime, traditional medical doctors and scientists did not yet know that the bones of the body behaved like glands. However, in 2007, Dr. Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University, Dr. Paul Marks and colleagues discovered that the bones of the body are an endocrine organ and discovered that the bones of the body secrete hormones and behave like glands (see Karsenty, Marks, et. al, 2007). And since leukemia originates in the bones (in the bone marrow), it is plausible that, as Cayce said many years ago, glandular problems inside of the bones can potentially be involved in leukemia.

Pertaining to the question of how lack of iodine causes the glandular problems that are involved in leukemia, consider the following. Traditional medicine physicians and scientists already know that iodine deficiency causes glandular problems in the thyroid. Traditional medicine physicians and scientists already know that the thyroid is an endocrine organ which is glandular (Fankhauser, 2004) just like traditional medicine physicians now know that the bones are an endocrine organ which is glandular (Karsenty, Marks, et. al, 2007). Perhaps this is an overly simplistic way to say it but it is possible that what is true for one glandular endocrine organ (the thyroid gland) might also be true for another glandular endocrine organ (the bones of the body which function like glands). In other words, just like iodine deficiency causes glandular problems in the thyroid, it is possible that (as Cayce said) iodine deficiency might also cause glandular problems inside of the bones of the body.

In terms of the other steps in the mechanism of leukemia that Cayce described (i.e. he said that after iodine deficiency caused glandular problems, then there was spleen infection which disrupts the anabolic-catabolic balance which leads to dryness of the lymph along the ribs and spine), I think those things are possible. For instance, doctors know that infections have a debilitating effect on the body so I am not surprised to see infection being a part of the Cayce mechanism of leukemia. Also, as Cayce said, if the anabolic processes (the processes that build up tissues and organs) and the catabolic processes (the processes which break down large molecules) were no longer balanced or if there was some kind of disruption in these processes, it is plausible that something like that definitely would cause problems in the body. As for the “dryness in the lymph along the ribs and spine” that Cayce said occurs as a result of the disruption in the anabolic-catabolic balance, since the word “dryness” typically means “without liquid” or “without fluid” I think it is possible that in his use of the phrase “dryness in the lymph along the ribs and spine” Cayce might have been referring to possible problems with the formation of lymph fluid and/or problems with the circulation of lymph fluid along the ribs and spine [ i.e. problems with the circulation of lymph fluid that perhaps can occur as a result of a disruption in the anabolic-catabolic balance in the body]. Certainly if there are problems with the formation of lymph fluid and/or problems with the circulation of lymph fluid along the ribs and spine (which are bone), that sort of thing would cause problems.

And as for Cayce’s statement that the aforementioned leads to problems in the bone marrow which results in problems with the production of red blood cells via the cerebrospinal centers (Pahnke, 1968), well, that Cayce comment makes sense too. And furthermore, although Cayce himself did not directly comment about the excessive number of white cells that are a hallmark symptom of leukemia, I think there is a plausible explanation that can be given about why excessive white cells are a hallmark symptom of leukemia. Remember that Cayce said that leukemia begins as a result of glandular problems. And, we now know, based on traditional medicine research, that in fact it is possible to have glandular problems inside of the bones of the body (Karsenty, Marks, et. al, 2007) –and of course the bones of the body are where leukemia originates. If there are problems with glandular functioning inside of a person’s bones (inside of the bone marrow), the presence of glandular problems inside of the bones (and the bone marrow) would definitely be an example of the presence of disease in the body and it definitely would be something that is out of the ordinary. In fact, glandular problems in the bones and bone marrow would be an example of the presence of a disease of extreme magnitude in the body since the body is comprised of “many” bones. Under such circumstances with the presence of excessive amounts of disease in the body (since there are many bones in the body and since all of the bones would have glandular problems), one absolutely would expect to see an increase in the number of white blood cells in the body. Why? Because, as a general rule, the human body produces an increased number of white blood cells as a response to the presence of infectious disease or as a response to the presence of anything in the body which seems foreign or out of the ordinary. (The increase in white blood cells that occurs as a response to anything that seems infectious in the body or out of the ordinary in the body is a medical concept that traditional medicine physicians already know about). In cases of leukemia, the increase in white blood cells would occur because of the presence of glandular problems in the bones all over the body. Thus the high white cell count that is a hallmark symptom of leukemia is not surprising.

So, all those years ago, the basic message that Cayce communicated during his lifetime about how and why leukemia occurs actually does seem plausible given what current medical science now knows about the human body. Not surprisingly, Cayce made the point that a treatment for leukemia would have to include iodine as one of the components of the treatment because he said that iodine deficiency is a very basic reason that the leukemia is happening (see below in section Cayce’s suggestions to cure leukemia—iodine is one of the components of the treatment that Cayce suggested for leukemia).


The following suggestions were given by Cayce pertaining to curing leukemia.

Ultraviolet Light — UV light (such as mercury quartz) was supposed to be held 40 inches from the patient’s body. And simultaneously there is supposed to be a 10 X12-inch green-stained glass plate that is held between the UV light and the body. This treatment was supposed to be done “over the dorsal aspect of the body with special emphasis to the spleen and rib area,” for no more than a total of 5 minutes and not more than 1 to 1 ½ minutes in any one spot. This treatment was supposed to be done one time per day OR two times per day depending on the unique needs of the patient. (See Cayce readings 2456, 2488, 3000 and 2621).

Infrared light — Apply infrared light for 35 to 40 minutes on every other day to the cerebrospinal area (as stimulation for deep therapy produced to the ribs). Also apply infrared light to the back and also to “the area over or opposite the spleen.” (see Cayce reading 24561, see also Cayce reading 3616-2).

Beef Juice —- Cayce described that consumption of beef juice was important and suggested that patients consume two to four teaspoons per day of beef juice taken one teaspoon at a time and sipped slowly so that each sip of the juice could be mixed thoroughly with the juices of the mouth before swallowing.

Liver – Cayce suggested consumption of liver prepared rare and eaten that way. And in some cases, he suggested consumption of liver pudding (readings# 2456-1, 3000-3, cf. 2621-1). Also he recommended of liver juice [using calf’s liver] and suggested that the liver juice should be taken in as large quantities as the body could tolerate.

Orange Juice — Cayce also suggested consumption of orange juice squeezed and drunk fresh from tree-ripened Florida oranges all a person could drink in a day (6 to 10 glasses per day). This could be applicable to some cases not all.

Spinal Adjustments—Cayce suggested spinal adjustments to coordinate D9, the brachial plexus, and the upper cervicals with the sacral and lumbar areas. (reading #2488-1). [a chiropractor or osteopathic doctor can do the spinal adjustments].

Massage – Cayce suggested that the body should be massaged with a mixture of grain alcohol and peanut oil along the spine, especially D5, D69, D7 after the ultraviolet treatment. (2456, cf. 2621-1).

Wet Cell Electrotherapy – Cayce suggested using the wet cell appliance (reading 3000-3).

Atomidine — To address the iodine deficiency/ glandular problems associated with leukemia, Cayce suggested that atomidine drops in water should be taken. He said to start with the following: put 1 to 2 drops of atomidine in half a glass of water and drink that. Then the next day put 2 drops of atomidine in a half glass of water and drink that. Then the following day, put 3 drops of atomidine in a half glass of water and drink that. Then the following day, 4 drops of atomidine in a half glass of water, then the following day 5 drops of atomidine in a half glass of water, then the following day 6 drops of atomidine in a half glass of water, and so on and so forth until one works up to 15 drops of atomidine in a half glass of water. Then stop for 5 to 10 days depending on the individual case. Then repeat the process again. (see Cayce readings 534, 2456, 3616, and 2621).

Iodine Transfusions — Cayce also suggested “iodine transfusions” for leukemia treatment. At this point, nobody really does this type of thing so this would be experimental at this point. However, during his lifetime, Cayce said that there needed to be more animal research to establish appropriate dosages of iodine in iodine transfusions for leukemia (i.e. the amount of iodine used in iodine transfusion would perhaps depend on the severity of the leukemia perhaps. Severe leukemia might require more iodine in the transfusion whereas milder cases of leukemia might require less iodine in the transfusion). Cayce said that if the iodine transfusion dosages could be established correctly for humans, that “there will be the ability to reduce the percentage of such cases more than fifty percent” (Cayce, reading #2208-1, see also readings #534, #1174, and #2456). For example, in reading 2208-1, in discussing transfusion Cayce stated that one cc of tincture of iodine mixed with some blood taken from the patient “added to the next transfusion would bring about a cure, if it were to be repeated in the proper sequence.” (NOTE: One cc of tincture of iodine is equal to one milliliter of tincture of iodine). This is what Cayce said in one reading; however, it is reiterated that scientists will have to do more research to determine the appropriate dosages.

Ventricullin — In one case, Cayce suggested using the ventriculin given to treat pernicious anemia (reading 534) in addition to the other suggestions he gave. This was thought to be relevant to leukemia treatment. Ventriculin was made from animal gastric mucosa and was typically used in treatment of pernicious anemia. Cayce did not describe a specific dose of this to be given for leukemia; others have said that the usual adult dose was assumed (see reading 534).

Atropine — Also, in another reading, Cayce suggested a dose of atropine in a dose of 1/80 grain to be given 3 to 10 minutes before any transfusions (reading 534).

Visualization, Prayer and Positive Attitude — In addition to the above-mentioned treatments, Cayce also said that it was important to keep a positive mental attitude when in the process of healing from illness. He also felt that minimizing stress was important in healing. In addition, he suggested that visualization, prayer, and focusing on a high purpose or ideal as motivation for wanting to be healed were all important things to do.

Acknowledging the Role of Reincarnation and Karma —-Also, Cayce said that acknowledging the role of karma and reincarnation was important in illness. Admittedly, karma and reincarnation are concepts that are controversial. Nonetheless Cayce insisted that karma and reincarnation are relevant concepts to understand when it comes to discussions of illness. When Cayce discussed the past life and karmic aspects of illness in his readings, for each patient, Cayce stated the specific things that the patients had reportedly done in past lifetimes that had led to their present-life illness. Each case was different. However, for purposes of this article, a summary of the karmic reasons that Cayce gave for illness include the following examples. In some cases, illness or problems were reportedly occurring because the patient had persecuted others in a past lifetime, or lacked compassion for others who were suffering in a past lifetime, or had the wrong ideals or had the wrong motivations in a past lifetime, or was indifferent to others’ suffering in a past lifetime. Or in some cases problems occurred because the person in a past lifetime had failed to help someone who truly needed help and had reached out to them asking for help, or had mistreated others in past lifetimes, or had caused others extreme physical pain in past lifetimes, or killed others in a past lifetime, etc.

Of note, everybody has karmic issues that they are dealing with or [in some cases] struggling with. It does not matter what religion, or culture or what race or ethnicity or what socioeconomic group one is in. Everyone has karmic issues that they are dealing with. It’s not appropriate to put others down or laugh at others’ karmic struggles because literally everybody has karmic issues that are impacting their lives. As the saying goes, “nobody is perfect.”

Other Cayce Therapies Potentially Relevant For Leukemia

There are other therapies that Cayce discussed which could be relevant to leukemia treatment. For example, in general, Cayce often stated that having an alkaline diet/, healthy diet, multivitamin therapy (see Karp, 1986), drinking eight cups of water per day, getting colonics, doing castor oil packs over the abdomen and liver, vibrator treatment, getting enough sleep, and regular exercise were important in bringing about healing. These suggestions were applicable to a variety of illnesses and so these could be applicable to treatment for leukemia also.

Cayce also discussed thinning of the intestinal walls (currently known as the medical phenomenon called “leaky gut syndrome” ). Cayce’s particular discussion of thinning of the intestinal walls occurred in one of his readings on psoriasis. However, the reason leaky gut syndrome is being mentioned here in this article about leukemia is the fact that in the literature it has been reported that leaky gut syndrome has been suspected to be involved in many types of illnesses because of the way that thinning of the colon walls makes it possible for colon toxins leak through the walls of the colon and into the blood stream where the presence of the colon toxins in the blood stream then causes excessive toxicity in the body. Leaky gut syndrome is most likely not involved in all cases of leukemia but it is possible that it could be involved in a few cases of leukemia; one would have to talk to one’s doctor or get a leaky gut test in order to find out if they have leaky gut syndrome.In order to stop leaky gut syndrome, Cayce said that one has to drink (cooled) saffron tea (i.e. currently this type of tea is called “American Saffron Tea”) and (cooled) slippery elm tea in order to heal the walls of the colon so toxins will not leak through the colon walls. Granted, it is necessary to be careful and not take too much slippery elm because excessive consumption could interfere with absorption of nutrients from foods and vitamins and this could lead to problems in the body such as anemia or other problems related to lack of absorption of nutrients. Also, if there are other underlying medical conditions, one must be cautious. Discuss questions or concerns with a physician M.D. specializing in alternative medicine. However, if taken correctly, cold slippery elm tea can be helpful in stopping leaky gut syndrome. If colon toxins are no longer leaking through the colon walls into the bloodstream, this will automatically reduce the level of toxicity in the body and will help bring about healing.


It is my opinion that Cayce’s statements about leukemia do actually make logical sense given what traditional medical science now knows about how the human body functions. Prior to 2007, traditional medicine physicians were missing a major piece of the puzzle because they didn’t know that the bones of the body are an endocrine organ. However, now that it is generally known that the bones of the body are an endocrine organ, that has helped to clarify some things. In terms of the treatments that Cayce suggested for leukemia, I think obviously there needs to be more research that includes investigation of all of those treatments that he suggested for leukemia. The treatment protocol should not include or test just one of Cayce’s suggested treatments. Rather, the protocol should include ALL of the Cayce suggestions for leukemia just like he stated them along with some of the other Cayce therapies potentially relevant for leukemia as stated in this article.

Granted, I can imagine that some traditional medicine physicians may disagree with Cayce’s comments about karma and reincarnation and about the role of karma and reincarnation in illness. Some traditional physicians and scientists may say that there is no scientific evidence of karma and reincarnation and they may point out that it is not possible to use the human senses to sense the existence of karma and reincarnation and they may disagree with the notion of karma and reincarnation for those reasons. However, I think physicians and scientists should note that just because something cannot be ascertained with the human senses does not mean that it does not exist. One well known example of this type of thing is the dog whistle. Everybody knows that humans cannot hear dog whistles. However, just because “human” ears cannot hear dog whistles, it does not necessarily mean that dog whistles have no sound. Obviously dog whistles DO make a sound because obviously dogs can hear dog whistles. In an analogous sense, I would say that just because karma and reincarnation cannot be sensed with human senses or proven scientifically, it doesn’t necessarily mean that karma and reincarnation do not exist. It just means that at this particular time in history, at this particular time in human evolution, or at our current level of science knowledge, most people are not yet able to measure, ascertain, sense or remember past lifetimes in such a way that scientists could totally prove that karma and reincarnation exist.

I do feel that physicians and scientists should at least consider the concept of karma and reincarnation as being possibly relevant in illness just like Cayce said. (Or at least, they should not totally reject the concept of karma and reincarnation as being potential factors in illness.) Something that could be potentially helpful to understand more about the concepts of reincarnation or “past lifetimes” would be to read the stories of people who remember their past lifetimes. Not many people remember past lifetimes. But a few people do and they talk about it. For example, there is the famous case of a child named James Leininger who stated that, in a previous lifetime, he was reportedly a pilot in the US military whose plane was shot down during WWII. At a young age, Leininger reportedly had nightmares where he remembered trying to escape an airplane which had caught on fire. As Leininger got older and as his vocabulary became sufficient enough for him to discuss what he was experiencing, he told his parents details about the plane, about his location, and about who he’d been fighting and what his name was in the past lifetime. The reader should note that Leininger was interviewed on television by news reporter Chris Cuomo and also Leininger’s experience is described in a book titled ” Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a WWII Fighter Pilot .” Please note that Leininger’s story is not about illness. However, it is a story about Leininger’s own past lifetime. And of course Leininger’s story is not the only example of a past lifetime being described. There are other books where the authors have written about their past life experiences. Thereader is encouraged to read books and find out more about the concept of past lives.

I hope that the information in this article will be helpful in some way. I think that in general there needs to be more exploration of the Cayce readings pertaining to leukemia and other illnesses as well. Also, I think that the alternative medicine treatment discussed in this article could have the potential to cure not only leukemia but also lymphoma , multiple myeloma and other cancers as well.

Of note to any physicians and others who may be interested, many of the tools to implement the treatments that Cayce mentions (i.e. atomidine, wet cell, etc.) can be found at http://www.Baar.com.


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