Multiple Sclerosis – Cayce’s Alternative Medicine View of How to Cure MS

Cayce's Views of How to Cure Multiple Sclerosis



This is an article about the Cayce perspective of multiple sclerosis and how to cure it the Cayce way.


Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease which affects people typically between the ages of 30 and 50. However, it can affect people of any age. The following article introduces the topic of MS and then discusses Cayce’s view of how to cure MS. Please note, this information should not be substituted for visiting a physician to seek diagnosis or treatment advice. Always seek physician advice if you have a health problem of any kind.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) isa disease involving the central nervous system. MSis an autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself. In MS, the myelin sheaths surrounding the axons of the brain and spine become damaged andthis leads to scarring. The symptoms of MS vary depending on where the hardened areas are and vary depending on the extent to which deterioration has occured. Deterioration results in a slowing of nerve impulse and this leads to incoordination in the nervous system.


Onset of MS is usually between the age of 30 to 50. Women tend to get MS at a rate nearly twice that of men. Symptoms of MS include blurry vision, double vision, uncontrollable rapid eye movements, optic neuritis, and sometimes total blindness. Weakness, fatigue, balance or coordination problems, tremors, walking problems, clumsiness, giddiness, tingling, numbness, burning sensation, or facial or muscle pain could occur. Sometimes there is also speech slurring, frequent urination, constipation, loss of bowel control, sexual difficulty, increased sensitiveness to heat, memory problems, reasoning problems, concentration problems, judgment problems, and depression as well.


The types of MS are as follows. There is benign MS where a person might have a few attacks followed by recovery and no further disability. There is relapsing-remitting MS which includes unpredictable relapse where there could be new symptoms or old symptoms are worsened. Or, by contrast there could be periods where the MS is inactive or there may be recovery from the MS. There is primary progressive MS where the disease comes on very slowly but the symptoms continue to get worse over time. There is secondary progressive MS where there could be new symptoms or old symptoms or periods of the disease being inactive but then eventually the disease takes a turn for the worse and does not get better over time.


Although physicians do not fully know the causes of MS, physicians believe that the causes of MS are viral, genetic, and/or environmental.


Interventions such as physical therapy, exercise, medication, speech therapy, good nutrition, occupational therapy, sufficient rest and healthy lifestyle are all suggestions usually made in the medical treatment of MS. Reducing stress is particularly suggested because physicians know that stress is a factor in MS.Granted, medication side effects could be potentially problematic in some cases. For instance, MS medication could result in side effects such as irritation or flulike symptomology or heart problems or even leukemia. Two medications for MS called natalizumab and mitoxantrone can potentially have very negative side effects and for that reason they are typically not used as first-line medications for MS.


Individuals with MS typically live 35 years after diagnosis although sometimes if the person has a particularly dangerous form of MS he or she could die within weeks. If individuals live a long time, there are usually periods of MS attacks and pain, then a time interval, then another attack although the pattern this takes does vary from person to person.


In one reading on MS, Cayce said that MS was caused by a failure of the body to assimilate gold (see Cayce reading #907-1). Keep in mind that the Cayce readings often stated that gold is a very important nutrient that the nervous system needs and if the nervous system doesn’t get enough gold, problems do occur (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).Cayce also said that MS occurs due to a chemical imbalance that results from the glandular system failing to produce substances the nervous system needs in order to maintain its own functioning. He specifically described that the glands associated with the liver (specifically the right lobe of the liver) were involved and said also that the gallbladder and duct are also involved because of adhesions /or lesions in that particular part in the abdomen (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).Also, the Cayce readings say that, in MS, the nervous system produces poisons. The article on MS at the A.R.E. website says that it is possible that the poisons are produced because the nerves aren’t getting enough nutrients (i.e. gold) and then that leads to an autoimmune response that destroys the myelin around the nerve fibers (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010). In addition, Cayce said that there are karmic reasons that MS occurs. He explained that it was important that the mental and spiritual attitude of the patient is addressed in cases of MS. Of note, the article at the A.R.E. website said that in cases of karmic illness, the problems occurred via problems in the glandular system because glands were the spiritual centers of the body (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).


Cayce said that MS occurs because 1) the body fails to absorb sufficient gold, and 2) the CNS fails to sufficiently get rid of waste. Ifone thinks about what potential effect these two things could have in the body, the following possibilities come to mind. If what Cayce says is true about gold being an essential nutrient and if the body is indeed failing to absorb adequate gold as a trace mineral, it is possible that when the body does not absorb adequate amounts of gold it could possibly somehow lead to chemical changes in the myelin coating or like it says at the A.R.E. website, it is possible that when the body does not absorb enough gold it could lead to abnormal nerve behavior in the nervous system or could lead to “poisons” being produced in the nervous system and this could lead to an autoimmune response (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010) because the presence of poison in the nervous systemis not a normal situation in the nervous system. The immune system tends to notice and attack anything that is out of the norm. Thus it makes sense that the immune system would attack thenervous systemunder circumstances where there were poisons or otherchemical abnormalities going on in the nervous system.Something to keep in mind is the fact that doctors already know that when a person’s body does not absorb enough of criticalvitamins or mineralsthere are bad consequences for the nervous system. For instance, doctors already know that lack of magnesium results in nerves being unable to control functions such as respiration, mental processes, and muscle movement (Rodale & Taub, 1971).Irregular heartbeat, nervous fatigue, irritability, and twitching are also known consequences of lack of sufficient magnesium absorption (Rodale & Taub, 1971). So, given that doctors already know that lack of magnesium or othervitamins and nutrients can cause problems in the nervous system, if what Cayce says about gold being an essential nutrient is true, it is not impossible that a lack of absorption of gold as a trace mineral could potentially cause problems in the nervous system such as Cayce said.Also, if the nervous system is failing to removewaste such as Cayce said, that is another factor that could cause chemical changes around the spine. If the nervous system is failing to get rid of waste and if there isexcessive accumulation of toxins around the spine, the immune system would tend to notice that sort of thing because having excessive toxicity around the spine is definitely not a normal situation in the spine. Again, keep in mind that theimmune system tends to notice and attack anything abnormal–and having excessive toxicity around the spine is definitely abnormal. Thusit would make sense that the immune system would attack the spine under such abnormal and toxic circumstances.


Cayce suggested that patients with MS use the wet cell daily with gold chloride and sometimes with other solutions such as atomidine, silver nitrate or camphor. Wet cell sessions were usually 30 minutes in length and massage was typically recommended to be done after the wet cell treatment (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).

Cayce usually suggested a diet which includes fruits and vegetables (such as carrots) and suggested that fried foods or processed foods should be avoided. Fish, lamb or fowl was allowed. Seafood was allowed in his suggestions for patients. He often suggested that gelatin should be sprinkled over grated vegetables (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).

Sufficient water consumption would also be important. In his readings, Cayce typically recommended six to eight glasses of water per day for purposes of health maintenance and healing(Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).

Cayce suggested that patients acknowledge the role of karma in illness while also having a positive mental attitude towards healing. He emphasized that patients should expect that healing will occur and must be patient because regenerating the nervous system could be a lengthy process (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).Cayce suggested that patients focus on being kind, gentle, and considerate towards others. He said that it was important to be good but also it was important to be “good for something” (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).


Cayce castor oil packs could be useful for MS because Cayce said that the glands associated with the liver (specifically the right lobe of the liver in some cases) were involved in the occurence of MS. Castor oil was often suggested by Cayce in various kinds of illnesses and one of the things castor oil packs did was help in cases where liver function was sluggish (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010).So, it is possible, that since glands associated with the right lobe of the liver are involved in MS, possiblycastor oil packs could be helpful in restoring liver function and in that sense it could help to heal MS.

Cayce often suggested osteopathic or chiropractic adjustments in various illnesses (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010). For MS in particular, spinal adjustments could be relevantif problems with spinal alignment are causing reduced nerve energy supply to the colon which could be causing the colon to have problems absorbing gold. Another thing to consider is the fact that the autonomic nervous system actually controls tone of the digestive tract (Chudler, 2009). Thus it makes sense to get chiropractic spinal adjustments to make sure that the autonomic nervous system is functioning optimally so that the autonomic nervous system can adequately control the tone of the digestive tract so that the digestive tract can function optimally andsufficiently absorb gold and othertrace mineralsso as to reduce the likelihood of an illness such as MS happening in the body.

Also, the use of neck support pillows could be relevant. This is mentioned because chiropractors have often recommended that their patients should use neck support pillows to reduce pain (Hyland, 2003). Granted, it is true that at first anecdotal evidence in support of neck support pillows was all that was available (Hyland, 2003); however, there is now actually research evidence that pain does occur if there is not enough curvature in the neck vertebrae (see McAviney et. al, 2005). Thus, given this research evidence, one can readily understand why chiropractors often recommend neck support pillows for their patients.

Healing leaky gut syndrome could be important because Cayce said that leaky gut syndrome was a factor in illness sometimes (Pagano, 2008). If excess toxins are leaking through the colon and floating around the body and settling in the central nervous system, this sort of thing can potentially trigger an autoimmune response. In his readings on psoriasis, Cayce described how to cure thinning of the intestinal walls or leaky gut syndrome. He said that consumption of cold American saffron tea and cold slippery elm tea could heal the colon (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010). It is true thatCayce discussed thinning intestinal walls within the context of psoriasis but thinning intestinal walls are a relevant part of various illnesses (Pagano, 2008) including multiple sclerosis and that is why this is mentionedhere. (Of note, there have been anecdotal reports that consumption of acidic fruits could be a problem if a person has leaky gut syndrome thus caution could be necessary. Talk to your doctor for more information).

Getting a series of colonics to remove waste from the body could be important because Cayce said that MS is caused in partby the nervous system failing to adequately remove waste. Since Cayce often did suggest colonics in healing and since colonics would tend to assist in waste removal from the body (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010), in that sense, it could be helpful in cases of MS.Exercise is important and should be done to the best of the patient’s ability because

Cayce often said that exercise was important in healing illness (Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., 2010). Perhaps walking would be a relevant exercise. Walking one hour a day if possible. Granted, if the patient has lost motor functioning, in that case it might be necessary to get a physical therapist to move the patient’s limbs until the patient is able to move his or her own limbs and then eventually walk.

Taking an anti viral to get rid of any viruses in the body could be important because reportedly viral infectionhas been cited as being a possible cause of MS (Norris, 1997). In terms of alternative medicine anti virals, the literature describes that there is the Regehr Clark anti viral formula (Regehr Clark,1995)and there are numerous other herbal anti virals that exist as well.

Granted, if an MS patient has leaky gut syndrome, it could be better to wait until the gut healsfrom leaky gut syndrome so that the body can adequately absorb the anti viral. Another thing too is that the patient would have to take an anti viral that did not cause any kind of negative reaction in his or her body.Also, the literature has reported that putting an ice pack on the spine or putting on a cold therapy vest at times when the spine is in pain or feeling sensation of heat could be helpful for MS sufferers (Stachowiak, 2007).


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